UK residents can to be registered with a doctor within the NHS. Patients can register with Tudor Medical Centre if they live within the practice area. If you wish to register with the practice, please visit the Practice and discuss this with one of our receptionists.

To make the registration process simpler please bring your latest medical card with you. If you do not have a medical card then we will require the following information:
• Full name, including previous names
• Date and place of birth
• Current address
• Previous address
• Name and address of previous General Practitioner
• NHS number (not your National Insurance number)
• Personal ID (original) e.g. passport, driving licence
• Proof of address e.g. utility bill, tenancy agreement, bank statement

Forms to Complete for Registration

You will need to complete a GMS1 registration form for each member of your household when you register. This can be submitted to the reception team between the hours of 14:00-16:00 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday only.

To save time you can download all the forms you need to register here.

Click here to download the NHS (GMS1) registration form (all new patients)

New Patient Health Check

Every patient registering with the practice will have the opportunity of a new patient consultation. Your health will be checked and we can be advised on any ongoing medical problems or important past medical history, including continuing your medication. This will help the clinical staff to manage your health needs before your medical records are sent to the practice.

Your appointment may be with a Practice Nurse or Health Care Assistant.
You will have your blood pressure, height and weight taken. Occasionally other examinations or tests may be done if needed and you would like them doing.

NHS Counter Fraud

NHS Counter Fraud and Security Management Services aim to reduce the number of people who claim NHS Care fraudulently. Please ensure you are entitled to NHS funded healthcare before registering to avoid any problems at a latter stage.

Temporary Registration

If you are temporarily a resident in the Practice catchment area you can register with the Practice, should medical advice be required.

In this instance persons wishing to be treated should state that they are a temporary resident when reporting to reception.To temporarily register you will need to complete the GMS3 form

Click here to download the GMS3temporary registration form

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