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    Tudor Medical Centre’s Online Service Saves Patients Time

    Tudor Medical Centre’s Online Service Saves Patients Time

    Tudor Medical Centre’s Online Service Saves Patients Time.

    We have all done it, spent what seems like ages as we have tried to phone for a doctor’s appointment and the phone has just rang and rang with no reply or we get a constantly engaged tone. It is frustrating, to say the least, and given how busy we all are these days, it is really something that you can do without. You just want a little information that would only take a minute or two. Problem is that there is probably a hundred or so other people who are thinking exactly the same thing as you. Added to that there are the people who take the time to go to the doctor’s surgery in person and ask the very same question that you want answering. When we’ve been the person who visit’s the surgery and we are speaking to the receptionist, we would think it a little annoying if they kept breaking off to answer the telephone and speak to someone who didn’t make the effort to actually attend the surgery in the first place.

    Wolverhampton GPs from the Tudor Medical Centre have recognised this frustration among patients in general and have made the effort to help their patients through their website, TudorMedicalCentre.com. Now 24 hours a day, seven days a week their patients can now find out the answers to many of the questions that previously they would have had to take the time to visit the surgery for or phone up and ask for the answer.

    Perhaps you are going on holiday to strange and exotic places and may need some vaccinations before you go, when should you arrange them? Instead of a visit to the surgery to ask or spend time on the phone, now with a few clicks of the mouse and you can see that, for advice and information regarding foreign travel you need to contact the Practice Nurse between four to six weeks before you depart on your holidays to allow time for the immunisation to be completed. Say, for example, you’ve had a blood test and want to know when will the results be back? The website tells you to allow five working days unless you have been told otherwise by the staff, if you have had an X-ray you need to allow up to 10 working days. What number do you call if you need an out of hour’s doctor service? What do you do in an emergency? What time does the Medical Centre close on a Thursday? That plus many, many more answers are all there. It is well worth a few moments of your time to visit the website before you try to phone the surgery with a question in the future, it could well save you a great deal of time (and a little frustration) not to mention save the surgery time as well.

    This service will relieve the work load on the surgery staff leaving them better able to offer a more measured, less hurried service to their patients.

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